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Why should I invest in LED Bulbs now?

NRG Alternatives & LALED bulbs are already a great investment. LALED luminaries have average return on investment for industrial and commercial of only 12-24 months through energy use alone. LALED luminaries have an average life span of 15-20 years (based on 6 hours a day use) allowing the luminaries to continue to pay for themselves multiple times over.

Why NRG Alternatives & LALED

NRG Alternatives & LALED strives to meet and exceed any LED company on the market today in LED designs and LED bulbs. By constantly improving on current designs and strategic partnerships around the globe, LALED has harnessed the top tier talent and products in the LED market today. LALED has gone through extensive testing and verifying that its products will last as stated. This process includes consistent colorimetry throughout every line. It is our belief that by offering only the products that live up to LALED standards we can provide a broad spectrum of solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential markets. By making our lights the most consistent on the market we give the user a feeling of being under natural smooth lighting. Bringing the inside out.

Compare your lighting!

  High Power LED Energy Saving Bulb Fluorescent Light Incandescent Light Halogen Lamp High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp
Power Consumption (Watts) 12 25 18 120 100 30
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 58 50 70 10 13 40
Luminare Efficiency (%) 90% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60%
Utilization Luminous Flux 630 625 630 600 650 600
Efficiency (lm/W) 52 30 37.5 5.5 6.5 25
Chip Lifespan (hours) 50,000 5,000 8,000 1,200 2,000 2,000
Annual Electricity (12 hrs./day) @ $0.12/kWh $6.31 $13.14 $9.46 $63.07 $52.56 $15.77
Power Required Compared to 100W Incandescent Light 10W 18W 16W 100W 80W 22W
Annual Emission of Carbon Dioxide (kg) 50.2 104.7 83.6 565.8 481.9 104.7

Be Smart,

Be Efficient,

Be Green!

Fact #1

Whether it's a substantial new construction project or a simple renovation, the fact is that energy-efficient LED lighting can save your clients thousands of dollars in lower energy bills and hundreds of hours in reduced maintenance.

Fact #2

The simple truth is that investing in energy-efficient LED lighting is not just about buying a light that last longer. It's about leveraging the money that is already being spent on inefficient bulbs and ballast so you actually have a positive return on investment for the necessary expenditure.

Fact #3

The bottom line is that energy efficient LED lighting can provide you a solid return on investment while dramatically improving your companies efficiency through a lower fixed maintenance cost as well as creating a safer environment for your staff and customers.

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