NRG Alternatives Solar Products

What is a better investment than the sun?

We are a group of experienced marketing professionals who came together with one goal in mind: to give our customers the very best in solar design and construction.

Most of us have been in the industry for several years. We are all passionate about solar technology. Just ask any of our customers--our experience has paid off well for all of them!


Homeowners, farmers and small businesses can develop small renewable energy generation projects (10kW or less in size) on their properties. Through a simplified application process, the Ontario Power Authority offers participants a 20-year contract that guarantees a set price for all the electricity their solar PV systems produce.

Solar systems feeding the grid under the microFIT or FIT program use a parallel metering arrangement. This is where the electricity generated by the PV system is measured by a separate utility meter. Parallel metering is used when the utility pays homeowners a different rate for the electricity they generate, then what they are billed for using.

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Net Metering

The net metering program is open to any electricity customer who generates electricity primarily for their own consumption from renewable energy sources, using a system with a maximum nameplate capacity of up to 500kW. The solar PV system is connected directly to the home or business, allowing participants to use energy they produce. Any exec electricity is sent back to the grid and the utility company counts this as a credit towards future energy costs. Extra generation credits can be carried forward for up to 12 months.

In this case renewable energy generation will only have one meter and their utility company only charges them for their net consumption of electricity.

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These stand-alone systems are installed in remote locations where there is no utility grid available, such as cabins or in Northern communities. Off-grid systems often include a battery bank, providing vacationers and residents power around the clock or in emergency situations.

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NRG Alternatives Inverters

Solar Edge

Lifetime inverter-level monitoring is included, along with 3 years of SolarEdge Module Monitoring. This web-based application provides PV performance monitoring, fault detection and troubleshooting at module, string and system levels.

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Enlighten continuously monitors the health and performance of every solar module and micro-inverter in the array. It identifies and alerts owners and installers to any deviation in performance, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance.

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Optional Aurora Easy Control, remote data logger.

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The Tigo Energy MaxiManager software provides greater control over performance with module-level granularity, alerts, maintenance reports, and many other applications.

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NRG Alternatives Racking


K-Rack is a complete racking line that is ideal for asphalt and steel pitch roofs, commercial and industrial flat roofs, as well as ground mount and agricultural systems.

Our angled roof racking is made of a structural-grade extruded aluminum. Our lightweight, anodized products offer an attractive, finished look that can withstand exposure to the elements for years to come. Our designs are innovative and easy to install.

The 100% water tight flashing is simple to use, and slides underneath the shingles to create a perfect seal. K-Rack comes with all stainless steel hardware, including lag bolts.

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