Where have we used LED's - The Sky's the limit

Outdoor Parking and Garage Lights

Turn your dark and dreary parking lot into a safer place using LED. We can retrofit most parking lot lights, garage lights without the use of an electrician. We have new installation fixtures as well.

Office Spaces

Bring your office up to the 21 Century. Give you staff a better, safer, brighter working environment. If your office lights are on 24/7 LED is the only way to cut your lighting bill. Have a look at our many retrofit and new installation fixtures.

Schools and Place of Worship

You can't afford to shut down because the lights are burnt out. Want a nice warm light. Our LED fixtures come in Warm, Neutral and Cool colors and exclusive to us, ART White for the those places where you want your Art or Sculpture to shine.

Before LALED and After

Compare your lighting!

  High Power LED Energy Saving Bulb Fluorescent Light Incandescent Light Halogen Lamp High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp
Power Consumption (Watts) 12 25 18 120 100 30
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 58 50 70 10 13 40
Luminare Efficiency (%) 90% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60% 40-60%
Utilization Luminous Flux 630 625 630 600 650 600
Efficiency (lm/W) 52 30 37.5 5.5 6.5 25
Chip Lifespan (hours) 50,000 5,000 8,000 1,200 2,000 2,000
Annual Electricity (12 hrs./day) @ $0.12/kWh $6.31 $13.14 $9.46 $63.07 $52.56 $15.77
Power Required Compared to 100W Incandescent Light 10W 18W 16W 100W 80W 22W
Annual Emission of Carbon Dioxide (kg) 50.2 104.7 83.6 565.8 481.9 104.7

Be Smart,

Be Efficient,

Be Green!

Fact #1

Whether it's a substantial new construction project or a simple renovation, the fact is that energy-efficient LED lighting can save your clients thousands of dollars in lower energy bills and hundreds of hours in reduced maintenance.

Fact #2

The simple truth is that investing in energy-efficient LED lighting is not just about buying a light that last longer. It's about leveraging the money that is already being spent on inefficient bulbs and ballast so you actually have a positive return on investment for the necessary expenditure.

Fact #3

The bottom line is that energy efficient LED lighting can provide you a solid return on investment while dramatically improving your companies efficiency through a lower fixed maintenance cost as well as creating a safer environment for your staff and customers.

Calculate Wattage

Annual Kilowatt Hours (kWh)

((Watts)x(Hours Used per day)x(Days used per year))/1000

Annual Operating Cost

(Annual kWh Used)x(Cost/kWh)

The Cost/kWh can be found on your electric bill.