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More Great Products to Help save you Energy

Electricity rates in Ontario are going up—big time! But now you can take positive steps to reduce them.

We have just introduced many new and innovative cutting-edge energy-saving products that can make a big difference in lowering your electricity bill—both in your home and in commercial applications.

Combine all our solutions together and, for a small amount of money, you can reap a lot of electrical savings for a long time!


Endocube is a simple device that fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer. Inside Endocube is a material that has been proven by the NSF to mimic the properties of food and beverages. Now, rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating air temperature, Endocube allows the unit to respond to food temperature instead.

Endocube provides the existing thermostat with product temperature instead of air temperature, a more accurate measurement. This more accurate and stable temperature causes the compressor to run fewer, but much longer cycles. These longer cycles create "thermal inertia" as it cools food for a longer period of time (at a more accurate temperature), thereby increasing the efficiency of the unit.

So how does Endocube save you money?

Because the compressor is cycling less often (up to 80% less), the life of the compressor is extended. Since it is also operating more efficiently less energy is used. Multiple case studies have demonstrated that refrigeration units use between 10% to 30% less energy with Endocube, while maintaining the desired temperature in the unit.

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