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NRG Alternatives - Your one stop shop for all your LED and energy saving needs.

We here at NRG Alternatives strive to deliver the best products on the market. We are committed to providing you with the most cutting edge, highest quality lighting and energy saving products we can find. We have done extensive research and found that LALED is one of the world leaders in energy-efficient LED lighting. NRG Alternatives consists of Local people.

We are local 24/7 we may even be your neighbour.

We have a design team who can supply you with 3D renderings of you space so you can ensure you are getting what you want. Our team can also supply you with a detailed ROI (Return On Investment) package, so you can be sure that your lighting budget is going back in your pocket.

We are LED & Energy Saving specialists.

We believe that this is only the beginning. LED is the next evolution in lighting. How will you save energy?.

our commitment

NRG Alternatives offers you the highest quality products, made in North America.
We at NRG Alternatives stand behind our products and services 100%.
We at NRG Alternatives value our customers as friends. We will do whatever it takes to provide you the correct solution for your needs, for Today and Tomorrow
NRG Alternatives offers Lead & Mercury free products... That last!

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NRG Alternatives
Ryan Magee

NRG Alternatives Partner

NRG Alternatives
David Levinetz

NRG Alternatives Partner

NRG Alternatives
Brian Magee

NRG Alternatives Partner

NRG Alternatives
Chad Lambert

Director of Technical Services

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