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We here at NRG Alternatives strive to deliver the best products on the market. We are committed to providing you with the most cutting edge, highest quality lighting and energy saving products we can find.

NRG Alternatives is locally owned and operated.

We have a design team who can supply you with 3D renderings of you space so you can ensure you are getting what you want. Our team can also supply you with a detailed ROI (Return On Investment) package, so you can be sure that your lighting budget is going back in your pocket.

We are LED & Energy Saving specialists.

We believe that this is only the beginning. LED is the next evolution in lighting. How will you save energy?.


NRG Alternatives has filled our shelves with inventory. Come in and get the best LED products anywhere. We have everything from MR16, GU10, PAR 16, 20, 30 ,38 and R 20 and 30s'. We also have our Eco T8 Tubes 16 watts no ballast required. Check out our flat panels, same thickness as drywall, dimmable and IC rated. If we do not have the solution for you we will find it.

Stop by @ 117 Mineral Road, Unit 5, Belleville, Ontario. Just north of Walmart. Call @ 613-779-8844 or drop us an e-mail: info@nrga.ca.


The net metering program is open to any electricity customer who generates electricity primarily for their own consumption from renewable energy sources, using a system with a maximum nameplate capacity of up to 500kW. The solar PV system is connected directly to the home or business, allowing participants to use energy they produce. Any exec electricity is sent back to the grid and the utility company counts this as a credit towards future energy costs. Extra generation credits can be carried forward for up to 12 months.


We are a group of experienced marketing professionals who came together with one goal in mind: to give our customers the very best in energy saving products. Most of us have been the industry for several years, with specialized personal throughout including Solar and Lighting specialists. We are all passionate about energy saving green technologies and comb the globe for best in class products. Just ask any of our customers--our experience has paid off well for all of them! Our entire foundation rests on integrity. Quality workmanship and superb customer service are the hallmarks of what we do.


Greenlite's A19 is one the brightest and most affordable LED bulbs on the market today. I dare you to compare this bulbs high lm/W with any A19 bulb even Energy Star products can’t compare. Replacing up to 110W incandescent, full dimming and Warm and Cool White color temperatures, this will be our go to bulb for years to come. You can SAVE over $250 in just electricity and bulb replacement alone over the long 40,000 hour life (L80) by replacing just one of your inefficient incandescent to LED.